In 1942, author and Mensa member Isaac Asimov gave us the three laws of robotics in his short story, Runaround, later published as a collection of short stories in I, Robot.  Today, robots play games, assist in manufacturing, and even display emotions.

As the line between science and science fiction blurs, we're learning that many technologies today were visited years ago through the imaginations of science fiction visionaries like Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury. The 2013 Colloquium will explore the collision of these two worlds and the fallout for the future.


In conjunction with American Mensa's Annual Gathering, the 2013 Colloquium is just down the street from the Fort Worth Water Gardens in dowtown Fort Worth.  The Water Gardens are an iconic, pop-culture tie to the scifi classic Logan's Run where the movie's ending scenes were filmed.


If you select speakers for a Colloquium on science fiction and science, who would you pick?

  • An expert on robotics and its applications?
  • An author on discredited science fiction?
  • A recognized authority on the military aspects of technologies born in sci fi?
  • A speaker addressing the origins of science fiction and the changes we've seen?
  • A science fiction author with dreams of what science will be?

Whichever your choice, the 2013 Colloquium will be your best bet for the future!

The Foundation

As the philanthropic arm of Mensa, the Mensa Foundation is dedicated to nurturing and protecting human intelligence and offers many programs that open doors for students, educators, researchers and Mensa members.

Latest News

  • 19
    JUN 2013
    Future Is Now lecture.

    The Mensa Foundation is cosponsoring "The Future Is Now," a free lecture by three Colloquium speakers.

  • 21
    MAR 2013
    Speakers panel finalized.

    Astrophysicist and author Dave Goldberg has been announced as the final speaker for Colloquium 2013.

The keynote panel at Colloquium 2011, which included Warren Spector (left).As a Mensa Foundation-sponsored event, Colloquium annually provides Mensans and the public alike the opportunity to gather with industry experts and researchers to dig deeper into socially relevant topics. Past and current topics include the impact of the arts, gifted children, biosafety, consciousness, humor, video gaming and climate change.

As the renowned science fiction author Ray Bradbury once said, "Anything you dream is fiction, and anything you accomplish is science." The Mensa Education & Research Foundation will take a deeper look at the ramifications of this idea at its 2013 Colloquium on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Colloquium 2013 will address the new technologies born of science fiction and those sciences that will always be fictional… at least within the bounds our knowledge today; the current status of robotics and the "robopocalypse;" how our military model has changed with the advent of these technologies; and, of course, we'll be hearing from those who dream tomorrow's reality, the science fiction authors.

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